Antigovernment student demonstration in Tehran: 120 arrested, 20 severely injured

Around midnight last night, a large group of students held an antigovernment demonstration in the students' dormitories in Amirabad Street, northern Tehran. Chanting slogans against the ruling dictatorship, the protesting students broke the windows of dormitories.

Shortly after the demonstration began, special anti-riot units of the Revolutionary Guards sealed off the area and threw tear gas at demonstrators. The Guards, armed with assault rifles and truncheons, charged at the students and the dormitories and brutally beat up the protesters. The students resisted, however, chanting slogans against the clerical regime more loudly.

Clashes continued until 7.30 this morning. The Guards arrested about 120 of the students and took them to an unknown location. About 20 students were seriously injured with severe head and limbs injuries. The fate of those arrested remains unknown.

The Iranian Resistance appeals to relevant international authorities and human rights organizations to take urgent action to save the lives of detainees.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 9, 1999

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