Statement No. 4 - URGENT
Students demand resignation of Khatami's Interior Minister
Rajavi: Savage attack on students another proof that mullahs' regime is incapable of reform

The state-run television showed in its evening newscast at 9.00 pm (local time) this evening the clerical regime's Interior Minister, Mullah Moussavi Lari, amid a group of students in Tehran university's students hostels complex. The television interrupted its program after angry students started shouting "Lari resign, Lari resign!" The news anchor said the students continued to chant "progressively much more radical" slogans.

The clerical regime's President Mohammad Khatami sent his Interior Minister to meet with the students in a bid to portray them as his supporters, while at the same time containing the protest and bringing it under his control. But the rival faction, which controls the state-run radio and television, thwarted Khatami's bid by showing scenes of dissident students calling for his Interior Minister's resignation. It was evident in the recorded tape broadcast by the state television that the students prevented Lari from continuing his remarks, demanded the release of detained students and complained against the brutal behavior of the Revolutionary Guards and security forces, while all the time calling on the Interior Minister to step down.

NCR President Massoud Rajavi extended his condolences to the families of the courageous students who were slain or wounded during the criminal raid by the regime's suppressive forces. Mr. Rajavi hailed the growing resistance put up by Iranian students and added: The freedom-loving and patriotic students of Iran are not interested in the political mischiefs of the clerical regime's various factions. They use every opportunity to resist the mullahs' repressive regime in its entirety. Like all the people of Iran, by their defiant backlash against the regime's violence and repression, they demand the overthrow of the clerical regime, rather than resignations.

The Iranian Resistance leader said the regime's anti-riot forces' assault on the students again unveiled the savage nature the mullahs' regime and showed that it was devoid of any potential for reform. Mr. Rajavi added: This is a transparent example of what mullah Khatami had promised about civil society and political development.

Mr. Rajavi called on all students across the nation to rise up and protest against the crimes of the mullahs' regime in Tehran University's students hostels.

The latest reports from the scene of clashes today between students and the Guards Corps in the streets surrounding the students' hostels indicate that the regime's Guards and thugs stopped ambulances carrying the wounded students and beat up the medical staff inside, transferring the wounded to an unknown location. The Guards surrounded the area around the Tehran University students' hostels and did not allow any one to enter the premises until late Friday. The students' hostels' buildings and installations were heavily damaged during the raid by the Guards Corps.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 9, 1999

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