Statement No. 5
Maryam Rajavi: Iranian people will never forget "Bloody Friday" of Tehran University's students hostels
- Resistance's President-elect calls on all students, academics and teachers in Iran to hold remembrance services for victims of Bloody Friday and not allow Khamenei and Khatami evade responsibility and whitewash their bloody crime against students

In a message addressed to the Iranian nation, and particularly to university students and teaching staff, the Iranian Resistance's President-elect Maryam Rajavi offered her sympathies to the victims of the brutal attack on students' hostels in Tehran University by the clerical regime's Revolutionary Guards and thugs. She offered her condolences to the bereaved families of the slain students and praised the courage of the freedom-loving students who defied the "bloodthirsty religious dictatorship ruling Iran."

Mrs. Rajavi said: By ordering this savage assault on students' demonstration, the criminal mullahs ruling Iran have martyred several students in a horrifying manner, injured a large number of students and put many others in jail. They must realize that the Iranian people and Resistance will never forget the cruel atrocities committed by the regime's agents on Tehran University hostels' Bloody Friday, which will go down in history alongside the other horrors of the mullahs' rule. But the ruling mullahs would do well to remember the Shah's experience: suppression of the people and beating and murder of students will not save their regime from its inevitable fate of being overthrown.

The Resistance's President-elect said: Accounts of the criminal assault on students' hostels in Tehran by mobs of State Security Forces, Revolutionary Guards, and Intelligence Ministry agents are spine-chilling. The savagery of the criminals acting on the orders of the ruling mullahs knew no bounds. They used bayonets, knuckle-dusters and electric cables to beat up the students. Students were shot and thrown down from upper floors while the thugs destroyed whatever symbols of learning and knowledge they could lay hands on.

Mrs. Rajavi said: The suppression and murder of freedom-loving students by the clerical regime's organs of repression once again exposed the nature of Mullah Khatami's rhetoric and claims on freedom, rule of law and civil society. What happened in Tehran University's hostels is the true meaning behind Khatami's assertion that "I look at freedom from the perspective of maintaining the [Islamic Republic] regime."

The Resistance's President-elect said: Now Khatami, as the chairman of the regime's Supreme National Security Council, must identify without any ambiguity the masterminds and perpetrators of the carnage against innocent students. He must name them, state their positions and insist on an open trial and punishment. He must not be allowed to whitewash this horrendous crime, as he has been trying to do in the case of the "political murders" file. As the Iranian Resistance's leader has demanded, it is indispensable that the United Nations send an international fact-finding mission to Tehran for this purpose.

Mrs. Rajavi referred to clashes in recent days between the Revolutionary Guards and intelligence agents and the people in different parts of the country, including the courageous residents of the northern city of Langerud after a football match, the desperate farmers in the northern city of Astaneh who demonstrated in protest against government inaction on severe water shortage, the peddlers in Sanandaj's Revolution Square (in Iranian Kurdistan) and the arrest and beating of about 200 students in the northwestern town of Salmas after they distributed leaflets in support of the Mojahedin.

Mrs. Rajavi said such daily incidents across the country confirm the fact that the only way to put an end to the continuing crimes of this regime and establish freedom and democratic rule in Iran is to topple the mullahs' regime with the support of the Iranian people and by relying on the National Liberation Army.

Mrs. Rajavi called on all students, academics and teachers in Iran to hold remembrance services for victims of Bloody Friday and not allow Khamenei and Khatami to evade their responsibility in this atrocity and whitewash their bloody crime against students.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 10, 1999

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