Revolutionary Guards clash with people in East and West Azerbaijan
- 200 students arrested in one city for supporting Mojahedin

A large number of high school students distributed on Thursday, July 8, handwritten pamphlets in support of the Mojahedin in the Ahravan district of Salmas in western Azerbaijan province (northwestern Iran). The flyers were handed to people in their residences or to passers by.

Intelligence Ministry agents surrounded the Ahravan district the following day, clashed with the residents and arrested some 200 students.

On Friday, July 9, municipality agents, backed by the revolutionary Guards Corps, attempted to raze the houses of poor residents of Chehel-kilometri district of Tabriz (capital of East Azerbaijan), under the pretext of confronting "unauthorized construction." A large group of residents, chanting "down with Khamenei, down with Khatami, down with the Governor", attacked the municipality agents and an intense clash broke out. The Guards fired into the air and beat up the people, and ultimately dispersed them. Fifteen of the residents were arrested and taken away by the Revolutionary Guards to an unknown location.

The Iranian Resistance calls on international authorities and human rights organizations to intervene to save the lives of those arrested in these two incidents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 11, 1999

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