Statement No. 8
Khatami's collusion with Khamenei to cover up dimensions of mullahs' criminal attack on Tehran University hostels

In a second statement issued today by the Supreme National Security Council under his chairmanship, mullahs' President Mohammad Khatami revealed that his only aim is to pacify the protesting students, make political capital to his own advantage out of the students' demonstrations, and at the same time cover up the real dimensions of the criminal assault by Revolutionary Guards and repressive forces of the regime on Tehran University's students' hostels.

The Khatami-controlled SNSC's second statement mentioned that "unfortunately, a group (of students) intended to create grounds for confrontation by chanting absurd slogans and by radicalizing the sound movement of students." This clearly reflects the great fear the ruling mullahs feel about the slogans chanted by students against the clerical regime's leadership and the whole of the religious, terrorist dictatorship.

The SNSC stated that "the only person killed in the attack was conscript officer Ezzat Ebrahimnejad." This bold-faced lie contradicts reliable information that at least six students died in Thursday night's attacks and passed away afterwards in hospital. Three students - Mssrs Naimi, Yavari and Sohrabi - were killed in their hostel on Thursday night. One student, shot in the eye at 4 am on Saturday in the hostels' area by Revolutionary Guards, died in Shariati Hospital a few hours later and the hospital staff turned over his body to the Tehran Coroner's Office on the same day. Two of the wounded students in critical condition passed away in hospital on Saturday. At the moment doctors have lost hope of being able to save the lives of eight other critically wounded students, some of whom have suffered cerebral shock.

The SNSC statement also claimed that the students opened fire on the Revolutionary Guards and State Security Forces with firearms and wounded an SSF officer. This scenario designed to explain away the repressive forces' recourse to brutal tactics is another indication of how far Khatami is prepared to go in collusion with Khamenei to whitewash this ugly crime and savage attack on innocent students. This is the true meaning of what Khatami calls "looking at freedom from the perspective of keeping the system in power." It also reflects the real meaning of Khatami's rhetoric on "civil society" and the "rule of law."

The students continued their protests for the fourth consecutive day on Sunday despite efforts by Khatami's organ in universities to prevent any further demonstrations.

The Iranian Resistance condemns hideous efforts by the ruling mullahs to whitewash their horrifying crime and once again stresses the need for the dispatch of an international fact-finding mission to Iran to investigate the clerical regime's attack on students.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 11, 1999

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