Statement No. 10
Khatami's Supreme National Security Council Threatens to Suppress Students' demonstrations

The Supreme National Security Council, chaired by Mohammad Khatami, issued a third statement late last night making it clear that henceforth "all unauthorized assemblies will be illegal and offenders will be treated according to the rules."

The SNSC threat came at the end of a day that witnessed continuing protest demonstrations by students in Tehran and several other cities across the country for the fourth consecutive days. The students are to resume their demonstration today in Tehran University's hostels area at 10 am (local time).

On Sunday evening, when Higher Education Minister Mostafa Moin was making a speech in the hostels complex, a large group of students interrupted his speech and began chanting slogans against Khamenei, Khatami and the mullahs' regime.

The Khatami-controlled SNSC's second statement mentioned that "unfortunately, a group (of students) intended to create grounds for confrontation by chanting absurd slogans and by radicalizing the sound movement of students." This clearly reflects the great fear the ruling mullahs feel about the slogans chanted by students against the clerical regime's leadership and the whole of the religious, terrorist dictatorship.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 12, 1999

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