Statement No. 12
Fearing spread of protests, clerical regime closed down universities, imposed curfew on Tabriz
- 800 wounded in yesterday's clashes

Fearing spread of protests, the clerical regime closed down the University of Tabriz. The atmosphere in the city is reportedly very tense.

Martial law was imposed on the city last night, and the regime stationed tanks on the streets.

Today, Tabriz students staged a sit-in in the Tarbiat-e Mo'allem University. The officials reacted by announcing that they close down the university and will not reopen it until October with the beginning of the new academic year. The authorities have also announced that the students should evacuate the dormitories, and cannot return until October. In response to the objections by students who do not have any place to stay in the city, the officials said, "You wanted it this way!!"

800 students were wounded during the raid yesterday on Tabriz University. A young woman and two men are in coma, hospitalized in Khomeini and Sina hospitals. The students are reportedly transferring the wounded to the people's residences to prevent their abduction by the security and intelligence agents. A number of students have reportedly disappeared.

Yesterday, following the raid by Revolutionary Guards special units and the regime's organized mobs on the students of Tabriz University and massive use of tear gas, students took refuge in the office of the deputy to the chancellor of the university. The suppressive forces, however, raided into this office as well, severely beat up the deputy chancellor and broke his computer and the furniture in his room. The deputy chancellor of the University of Tabriz has been hospitalized.

In another development, angry students in Maralan and Abressan districts set ablaze a branch of Saderat Bank and an airliner office.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 12, 1999

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