Highest body in clerical regime: Mojahedin targeted our national security

The clerical regime's highest body, the Assembly for the Discernment of State Exigencies, issued a statement on Saturday on the uprising by the people and students of Tehran, saying the Mojahedin and "a group of dependent agents... tried to take advantage of the social standing of students, and target the University and our national security."

Members of the powerful assembly include Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mohammad Khatami, the heads of the legislative and judiciary branches and top government officials and heads of the military and intelligence apparatus,

The clerical regime's Intelligence Ministry also announced last night in a communique': "The information obtained indicate that some of those arrested in the recent incidents were tied [with foreign countries] and that there was a scheduled effort by some counter-revolutionary groups to take advantage of the recent incidents." "The ties of some of those arrested ... with certain foreign countries are certain," and "the groups which played an active role in the recent riots were backed and guided from abroad."

The President of the National Council of Resistance, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, has urged the UN Secretary General, the President of the Security Council and the High Commissioner for Human Rights to immediately dispatch an international fact-finding mission to Iran. Mr. Rajavi drew the attention of human rights organizations, especially the relevant bodies in the United Nations, to the ongoing developments in Iran and the need to defend the lives and basic rights of all student activists and political prisoners who were abducted, assassinated or arrested by the clerical regime in recent days. The NCR President emphasized: "One must not allow the ruling mullahs to enjoy free rein in committing murder and crimes in the last phase of their rule."

In another development, the ruling mullahs reacted to the recent operations by the Mojahedin's Command HQ inside Iran in the cities of Ahwaz, Kermanshah, and Dezful, by dismissing the army's commander of the southern region. While introducing the new commander, the Army's Ground Forces chief said: The security of our country is profound dependent on the security of Khuzistan Province."

Some of the most important centers of repression and export of terrorism in west and southwest Iran were targeted with 82mm mortars during six operations in the Mojahedin's Command HQ in Iran on July 1 and 2, inflicting heavy damages on the regime's suppressive forces and terrorist apparatus.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 18, 1999

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