Urgent call to save those arrested in recent incidents in Tehran and other cities

Following seven days of upheaval by students and people of Tehran, the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship has subjected to torture a number of those arrested.

To prevent another explosion of public disenchantment and control the situation, the mullahs' anti-human regime has made extensive arrests in Tehran and other cities. A number of those arrested are being tortured in Vali-e Asr Garrison under the supervision of the Guards Corps' counter-intelligence. GC Brigadier General Nazari, commander of the State Security Forces in Tehran, oversees the arrests.

In Tehran, some 200 arrests have been reported in the police stations of Tehran's central and south districts. In Isfahan, over 500 were reportedly arrested in a single day.

The already acute problem of overcrowding in prisons has now turned into a full crisis. On Sunday, July 18, directors of Tehran's prisons met in Qasr Prison to discuss overcrowding and division of prisoners recently arrested in Tehran's uprising.

Thousands of protesters arrested recently in Tehran are presently held in Vali-e Asr Garrison, Evin Prison's Hosseinieh, Qasr Prison, Gohardasht and Qezel-Hessar prisons in Karaj, and Varamin Prison.

The prisoners detained in Qasr Prison are to be transferred in groups of 100 to the Qezel-Hessar Prison in Karaj.

The regime's officials refuse to provide any information to the families of those arrested who have gathered in front of the Evin Prison, Qasr Prison, and the Headquarters of the State Security Force of Greater Tehran on Koushk Ave., demanding information about their children. The families are not only refused information but are maltreated and beaten up.

The Iranian Resistance calls on international human rights organizations and authorities to intervene to save the lives of those arrested during the uprising in Tehran and other cities. The officials of the anti-human clerical regime have officially threatened to "execute" those arrested or cut off their "hands", "legs" and "tongues."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 20, 1999

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