An agent of mullahs' Intelligence Ministry arrested in Germany
- Iranian Resistance calls for public trial of Intelligence Ministry's agent in Germany

An Intelligence Ministry agent spying for the mullahs' regime has been arrested in Berlin. He was trying to infiltrate the ranks of supporters of the Mojahedin and Iranian Resistance in Germany to obtain information and carry out espionage and acts of terrorism.

The agent, Hamid Khorsand, has been a resident in Germany since the early 1980s and has had close ties with the convicted terrorist, Kazem Darabi. Khorsand was actively involved along with Kazem Darabi, in a 1982 attack on the hostel of Iranian students supporting the Mojahedin in Meinz, Germany. Kazem Darabi, one of the agents involved in the 1992 murder of Iranian dissidents at Mykonos Restaurant in Berlin, was found guilty by a German Federal Court and is now in prison.

While claiming to oppose the clerical regime, Khorsand has traveled several times to Iran in recent years. He undertook different missions by the Intelligence Ministry in Iran and abroad, including the assignment to infiltrate Iranian Resistance supporters in Germany for espionage and terrorist plans.

To this end, Khorsand tried to establish contact with Mojahedin supporters in Berlin, where he lived, to obtain information on their activities and report to the Intelligence Ministry.

In recent months, he visited the Cologne offices of the National Council of Resistance of Iran several times in an effort to build closer contacts, but he was rebuffed because of his past record and his suspicious demeanor. He returned to Berlin after a while.

Intelligence Minister Ali Younessi's agenda includes stepping up the activities of the ministry's spies and agents abroad against the Mojahedin and the Iranian Resistance.

In recent months, the mullahs' Intelligence Ministry has dispatched its emissaries under various pretexts to European countries to evaluate new opportunities for political schemes as well as espionage and terrorism in different countries.

The Iranian Resistance emphasizes the need for a public trial for Hamid Khorsand and urges the German Justice Ministry to place on public record all the available information on the activities of Khorsand and other activities of the Intelligence Ministry in Germany.

Committee on Counter-terrorism of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 27, 1999

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