Iranian Resistance sends list of 170 of those arrested in Tehran uprising to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, sent a letter to Mrs. Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, providing her with a list of names and particulars of 170 individuals detained by the clerical regime's security forces during the recent uprising in Tehran. The list has been compiled by the Mojahedin Command Headquarters inside Iran and investigations to discover more names are continuing.

Mr. Mohaddessin emphasized that according to reports from Tehran, there are some 5,000 detainees in Evin Prison alone, being subjected to maltreatment and coercion under interrogation, without enjoying due processes of law.

The NCR foreign affairs chief highlighted comments in recent days by leading clerics in Iran, including one by Hassan Rohani, Khatami's deputy in the Supreme National Security Council, who told a government-organized counter-demonstration on July 14 that the students and people who were arrested during recent demonstrations would be tried and punished "in the next few days on charges of waging war on God and spreading corruption on earth." Mohaddessin also cited the official Jomhouri Islami daily, which wrote on July 15: "The responsible judicial authorities say that the instigators of the recent riots in Tehran were clear examples of being at war with God and spreading corruption, and their sentence is execution."

Mohaddessin urged Mrs. Robinson to intervene immediately to save the lives of the detainees.

Reiterating the Iranian Resistance's grave concern at the threat of execution facing the detainees, Mr. Mohaddessin underscored an earlier request addressed to Secretary General Kofi Annan by NCR President Mr. Massoud Rajavi that an international fact-finding mission accompanied by a representative of the Iranian Resistance be dispatched to Iran to obtain information on the list of names and particulars of those killed, wounded and arrested in the recent uprising. He said the Iranian Resistance stood ready to extend its full cooperation to this fact-finding mission and provide it with documents and eye-witnesses.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 29, 1999

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