Iranian Resistance calls on European Union member states to sever ties with mullahs' regime

In separate letters to the foreign ministers of the fifteen member states of the European Union, Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the NCR's foreign affairs committee, said that in the wake of the courageous uprising of the people of Tehran and other cities in Iran, the time had come to sever trade and diplomatic ties with the inhuman regime ruling Iran. "The tumultuous uprising showed clearly that Iranian society is in an explosive state," Mohaddessin said, adding that "all propaganda about the stability or durability of the mullahs' rule is only pie-in-the-sky."

"It was Khatami who, as the chairman of the Supreme National Security Council, appeared on television and issued the first orders for the brutal suppression of the students and demonstrators, "Mohaddessin said. "This showed that Khatami has neither the will nor the clout to carry out reform. Khatami first tried to capitalize on the studentsÕ grievances and protests and thereby acquire a bigger share of power, but as protests spiraled out of control, Khatami quickly turned into the biggest loser."

The NCR foreign affairs chief said: "Even though the vast majority of the Iranian people never harbored any illusions about Khatami, but after these developments, there remains no justification or legitimacy on the international scene to continue diplomatic and trade ties with the mullahsÕ medieval regime under the pretext of 'backing' KhatamiÕs moderation. This would only encourage the mullahs to continue the suppression of the Iranian people and the export of terrorism."

Mr. Mohaddessin cited several examples of the heinous crimes and human rights violations committed by the mullahs' regime following last month's antigovernment uprising and urged the European Union's member states to exert every effort so that a UN fact-finding mission would be sent to Iran to investigate the brutal suppression of the Tehran uprising and the state of thousands of detainees. "The ruling mullahs must not be allowed to feel free to commit more atrocities and crimes as their regime reaches the end of the road," he said.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 5, 1999

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