Mullahs' regime executes 10 prisoners in Isfahan

The clerical regime executed 10 prisoners in Isfahan on Thursday and Friday, according to reports from the city in central Iran. The families of some of the execution victims gathered outside the coroner's office in Isfahan's Faiz Square on Saturday, August 7, to collect the bodies of their executed relatives.

The executions are part of the clerical regime's efforts to increase suppression in the wake of the courageous mid-July uprising in Tehran and the huge antigovernment demonstrations in other major cities, including Isfahan.

The mullahs' regime has been waging a propaganda blitz in recent weeks to attract tourists to Isfahan on Wednesday, August 11, for the sighting of the eclipse. The ruling mullahs are trying to keep the city under tight control by terrorizing the public and stepping up the repression. The regime is at the same time refraining from publicly announcing the executions, for it fears international protests and condemnations.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 10, 1999

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