Iranian Resistance calls for independent international probe into massacre of people and students of Tabriz

The head of the Islamic Revolutionary Courts in East Azerbaijan Province said yesterday: "A number of those arrested in the University of Tabriz debacle are members of the [Mojahedin]." Mullah Aqazadeh added: "The main elements behind the recent riots in the University of Tabriz wanted to disturb Iran's calm and security by destroying public places, pillaging the people's belongings and attacking them." Aqazadeh promised to deal harshly with those arrested.

By bringing up bogus allegations such as "destroying public places and pillaging people's belonging," the clerical regime is trying to prepare the grounds for the execution of those arrested. It is also trying to overshadow the horrifying dimensions of the crimes committed by the regime's suppressive forces in the course of the demonstrations by the students and people of Tabriz on Saturday, July 11.

Aqazadeh is making such remarks while the mullahs' Majlis deputies have already unveiled a small part of the reality of the atrocious crimes of the Guards Corps, the Bassij force and the Intelligence Ministry in Tabriz.

Mohammad Reza Milani, Majlis deputy from Tabriz, said: "In contrast to what happened in Tehran, firearms like Kalashnikovs and handguns were used in Tabriz to shoot directly at the students... Some people attacked the university's central office, where the chancellor and vice-chancellors of the university are, and badly beat them up."

Milani added: "Some 180 male and female students were stripped of their clothes in the central office of the university and beaten up with water hose and other tools. They were subsequently forced onto a bus and abandoned across the city without their clothes. They used the worst and the most insulting words against the students, especially the girls." Milani added: "The atmosphere in the city of Tabriz is so tense that no one dares to make any comments."

On Saturday, July 11, shortly after the beginning of extensive clashes between the students and the Revolutionary Guards in the University of Tabriz, which rapidly spilled into city streets, the Mojahedin issued a statement, declaring that a student, Kaveh Mohammadi, had been killed, dozens wounded and more than 100 arrested during the savage raid by the regime's suppressive forces. Some of the wounded were in critical condition.

The Iranian Resistance calls on international authorities and human rights organizations to dispatch a fact finding mission for an independent probe into the clerical regime's crimes against the students and people of Tabriz.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 15, 1999

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