Rajavi warns that mullahs' regime is paving way for air, missile or terrorist attacks on Iranian Resistance in Iraq

The clerical regime's news agency reported that the regime's charge d'affaires at the United Nations has claimed in a letter to the UN that on February 11, 1999, several unidentified individuals (probably members of Mujahedin-Khalq Organization) threw two grenades at the Iranian border police station on Martyrs' Hill in Mehran and on Meimak Heights from Iraqi territory. The letter also alleges that on April 1, 1999, Iranian border police opened fire on three members of the Mojahedin who intended to infiltrate into Iran and, subsequently, the terrorists fled.

Following these false allegations by the clerical regime, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, wrote a letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, emphasizing that "no member or combatant or affiliate of the Mojahedin and the National Liberation Army has been involved in any of the two incidents alleged by the mullahs' regime."

Mr. Rajavi added: "The Iranian regime's sole objective in stage-managing and raising such allegations is to pave the way for new air raids, missile attacks and terrorist operations against the Iranian Resistance on Iraqi territory. The clerical regime's claims that the Mojahedin were trying to infiltrate into Iran from Iraq are sheer lies and the Tehran regime has no evidence, document or proof to substantiate its lies."

The Resistance leader pointed out that "since 1993, the religious dictatorship ruling Iran has carried out 76 military assaults and terrorist operations against the Iranian Resistance on Iraqi territory, including four air raids, seven attacks with proscribed Scud missiles, and two assaults with 320 mm super mortars." He said that besides the Mojahedin, scores of innocent Iraqi civilians have fallen victims to these aggressive and terrorist operations.

Mr. Rajavi told the UN chief: "While the rapidly aggravating power struggle within the clerical regime and the rise of Resistance activities throughout the country - especially the courageous mid-July uprising by people of Tehran and other cities - have brought the prospects of the mullahs' overthrow in sight, the criminal rulers of Iran more than ever find themselves in desperate need of export of crisis and terrorism."

The NCR President urged the Secretary General and members of the Security Council to pay earnest attention to possible air, missile or terrorist attacks by the mullahs' regime against the Iranian Resistance and called on them to adopt binding and deterrent measures against the religious and terrorist regime in Iran.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 23, 1999

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