After Argentine Vice President's formal announcement that mullahs' regime was responsible for Buenos Aires bombing:
- Iranian Resistance calls on UN Security Council to set up special international tribunal to prosecute leaders of Tehran regime

Following the written deposition delivered to Argentina's judicial authorities by Vice-President Carlos Ruckauf, in which he stated that "sectors of the Iranian government were responsible" for the July 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, the Iranian Resistance calls on the UN Security Council to set up a special international tribunal to prosecute the leaders of the clerical regime for their crimes against humanity, including systematic and savage violation of human rights, massacre of political prisoners, and terrorist attacks on Iranians and non-Iranians in different countries in the past two decades.

In the aftermath of the Buenos Aires bombing, the Iranian Resistance issued statements and held press conferences to expose, on the basis of reliable information it had obtained, that the mullahs' regime was behind the bombing.

The bomb blast in the Argentine capital is not, however, the first time where the mullahs' role in such crimes is being officially confirmed. In recent years alone, a German federal court in Berlin, a Swiss judge in Geneva, the judiciaries of France, Austria and Turkey have confirmed the involvement of the highest authorities in the mullahs' regime, including the Supreme Leader, the President and the foreign and intelligence ministers, in the assassination of Iranian dissidents abroad.

There is a plethora of evidence, including statements made by some of the ruling regime's officials, which prove that the Tehran regime has been behind some of the most horrifying terrorist outrages of the past two decades. These include the hijacking of commercial aircraft, hostage-taking and execution of foreign nationals taken as hostage, as well as murderous bombings in Beirut (1983 and 1984), Paris (1986), Buenos Aires (1992 and 1994), Jerusalem (1996), Tel Aviv (1996), and Baghdad (1997 and 1999). These explosions altogether killed hundreds of people. In addition, the mullahs' regime has in the past twenty years assassinated hundreds of its opponents in Geneva, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Istanbul, Karachi, Baghdad, Nicosia, London, Cologne, Dubai, New Delhi, Manila, etc.

The Iranian Resistance declares its readiness to cooperate fully with a UN-appointed special court and present to it thousands of documents and hundreds of eye-witnesses or informed sources with regard to the mullahs' terrorist crimes in Iran and abroad.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 23, 1999

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