Rajavi urges Austrian President to cancel Iran visit as mullahs embark on execution of detainees of student unrest

In a telegram today to the Austrian President Thomas Klestil, National Council of Resistance President urged him to cancel his scheduled trip to Iran at a time when the mullahs' regime has announced officially that it has begun to execute those arrested in the student demonstrations in Tehran, Tabriz and other cities in July. He asked the Austrian president to prevent "a dark blot" being created in the history of friendly relations between the people of Iran and the people of Austria.

Mr. Rajavi pointed out that the clerical regimeÕs media have been trumpeting Ōthe first visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran by the president of a European Union member stateĶ and portray it as a change of policy by the EU vis-a-vis the crimes of this regime. He reminded the Austrian head of state that Mullah Gholam-Hossein Rahbarpour, head of the "Islamic Revolutionary Court," announced on Sunday, September 12, that four of those arrested during the July uprisings in Tehran and other cities have been condemned to death.

"By executing a large number of those arrested in the mid-July uprisings and by terrorizing university and high school students," Mr. Rajavi said, "the clerical regime seeks to avoid another upsurge of public protests on the eve of the new academic year."

The NCR President stressed that even though Khatami became a spent force after his public pledge to suppress the popular demonstrations in July, his two-year record in office was also a dark catalog of crimes: more than 450 publicly-announced executions, ten victims stoned to death, more than 60 terrorist attacks outside Iran and the assassination of 35 dissidents abroad, new draconian laws against women are some of the items in KhatamiÕs record in office.

The Iranian Resistance leader told President Klestil: In such circumstances, visiting Iran under the mullahs' rule can only act against the supreme interests of the Iranian people and encourage the mullahsÕ regime to continue suppression of the people and export of terrorism. I assure you that shaking hands with rulers of this moribund regime will bring no political or economic benefit to the Austrian people and government.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 13, 1999

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