Rajavi: Mullahs' uproar over "sacred Islamic precepts" is a Khomeini-style ploy to create crisis in the phase of overthrow

The clerical regime has mustered all its factions and propaganda power to launch a new repressive campaign in the beginning of the new academic year in Iran on the pretext of safeguarding "sacred Islamic precepts." The uproar followed the Intelligence Ministry's arrest of two students on charges of "insulting the Twelfth Imam" in a play published nearly one month ago in a student publication with a total circulation of 150 copies.

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, made the following comments in this regard: The propaganda campaign clearly shows the clerical regime's dire need to generate Khomeini-style crises in the final phase of its rule. This is reminiscent of Khomeini's efforts in the aftermath of the cease-fire in the Iran-Iraq war, when he tried to fill the void created by the absence of the war by resorting to religious demagoguery and issuing the death decree for Salman Rushdie.

Mr. Rajavi said: The State Exigency Council, headed by Rafsanjani and convened in the presence of Mohammad Khatami and (Judiciary Chief) Hashemi Shahroudi, used terms like "ugly, outrageous and unforgivable," to describe the students' act and ordered the relevant authorities to "take firm action". This shows the regime's need to create such crises to step up repression in the beginning of the new academic year.

Mr. Rajavi added: The next day, the head of the legislative branch, repeated the same remarks in a strongly worded speech in the Majlis. Khatami also thanked the ministers of Intelligence and Higher Education for their actions and warned against "the misuse of freedom through misinterpretation by some writers and orators." He also thanked the "esteemed Grand Ayatollahs, the honorable clergy and the country's religious scholars."

The NCR President said: The repressive and violent drum-beating and the calls for death and execution by resorting to Khomeini-style demagoguery reflect the intense feuding within the regime. It is evident that in the power struggle over Majlis elections, the regime's leaders are approaching the final decision making.

Mr. Rajavi added: While the dominant faction has stepped up its attacks to get hold of the situation by increased repression, mullah Khatami and his faction are united with the dominant faction in this propaganda in fear of the explosion of the people's fury. At the same time, they do not conceal the fact that "the simultaneous and massive onslaught" by the dominant faction aims "to muddy the water, and use every means to dominate the sixth Majlis even by obstructing the elections."

Mr. Rajavi stressed that in light of two decades of anti-human crimes by this regime, the clerical regime's religious demagoguery does not beguile any one in Iran. The Iranian people deem the ruling mullahs are the worst enemies of Islam.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
Septmeber 28, 1999

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