Mullahs' regime confirms huge antigovernment demonstration in Tehran

The clerical regime in Iran confirmed after ten days reports of a huge antigovernment demonstration in Tehran following a football match.

The newspaper Jebheh, published in Tehran, wrote on October 4: "Late last week, after a match between Esteqlal and Pirouzi football clubs, a group of Mojahedin who had infiltrated the crowd began chanting slogans against the leaders of the country. The hooligans and mischief-makers who were in the stadium joined the Mojahedin and mingled with the crowd, got on public transport buses and smashed their windows and made an attempt to transfer the chaos and mayhem that they created in Azadi Stadium to the city center. More than 300 buses were severely damaged and the street between Azadi Square and Enqelab Square was strewn with broken glass. The Bassij forces arrested a number of these individuals and handed them over to the relevant authorities."

The Mojahedin Command Headquarters in Iran said a statement on September 24: "At the end of a match between Esteqlal and Pirouzi football clubs in front of a capacity crowd of 100,000 in Azadi Stadium in west Tehran, young spectators in different parts of the stadium began chanting slogans used by students in the July antigovernment uprising in Tehran. The chants of 'Your tanks and machine-guns are no longer effective', 'down with mullahs' power', and 'down with Khamenei, down with Rafsanjani, down with Khatami' resonated in the stadium... Clashes between antigovernment demonstrators and State Security Forces troops aided by other repressive agencies of the regime spread to large areas of west Tehran, including Azadi (Freedom) Square, Azadi Street and Enqelab (Revolution) Street."

People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran
October 6, 1999

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