A detained Mojahedin member, badly injured, is set free
French judge says beating and detention of Mojahedin member were in complete breach of law

A Mojahedin member who was badly beaten during the police raid on the Auvers-sur-Oise compound, was set free on Thursday evening, 36 hours after being arrested unlawfully. He had gone on hunger strike while in detention.

The Mojahedin member was severely beaten as part of an attempt to frighten Iranians and dissuade them from taking part in Wednesday's huge rally. The wounds and signs of brutal beatings were visible on his head, forehead, hands, chest, limbs and feet. A French coroner and his lawyers registered and examined these wounds.

The French judge in charge of the case stated as he ordered the release of the Mojahedin member that none of the actions taken against him was legal and his beating and arrest were carried out in complete contravention of the law.

Evidently the use of violence and other illegal acts in this case merit judicial prosecution and the perpetrators can be sued. None of these acts led to the expected results and 10,000 Iranians successfully held a huge rally in Paris's Human Rights Square to protest against Khatami's visit.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 28, 1999

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