By midday today, Iranians pelted Khatami's car with paint-filled eggs on 11 occasions

A group of Iranians pelted Khatami's car with paint-filled eggs at 1 pm today as his motorcade was about to enter the Pantheon in Paris. Several eggs hit the car and splashed paint on it.

Earlier today, Iranians hit Khatami's car with paint-filled eggs along his route from Champs-Elys'es to the Pantheon.

Last night, groups of Iranians pelted Khatami's car several times with paint-filled eggs and rotten eggs as he passed along Boulevard Montparnasse at Invalides-Montparnasse and Montparnasse-Saint Michel intersections.

In all, Iranians protesting Khatami's visit to France have hit his car on 11 different occasions at 11 different locations since yesterday evening and he has been shadowed by protesters in every stop of his visit.

The protests by victims of the mullahs' repression, torture and terrorism come against a backdrop of huge protests and outrage expressed by dignitaries, parties, human rights organizations and many members of French parliament in France. The French media have given extensive coverage to the demonstrations and acts of protest by Iranians against Khatami's visit.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 28, 1999

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