Battles at Charzebar

Approximately 9 kilometers of the road from Hassan abad to Charzebar passes through the bowl-shaped Hassanabad plain. Charzebar is a 4 km, narrow mountain pass connecting Hassanabad plain to Kermanshah. Two pairs of parallel crests mark the entrance and exit to the pass, and resemble high natural walls. Half-way past the first crest, the pass widens into a small valley surrounded by high mountains.

The Khomeini regime had built two large bases in the small valley: The headquarters of the GC Ansarol-Hossein division is located on the right (southern) side, the Beheshti garrison on the left (northern). There are also two large garrisons behind the pass: The headquarters of the 31st Ashura division on the right and Raja'i garrison on the left.

Khomeini's forces retreated to the pass and opened artillery fire from atop the crests. By 6 am on Tuesday, the NLA forces, fighting courageously, had penetrated deep inside the pass ablaze with fire and inflicted more than 1,000 casualties in several stages, much to the enemy's alarm. Bahonar post reported the situation as "chaotic" to its high command.

The battle at Charzebar continued for 48 hours, until the early hours of Thursday morning, in an epic struggle between the Resistance and the greatest enemy of the Iranian people, Khomeini.


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