Liberation of Islamabad

Inside the Allaho-Akbar garrison, the command, personnel, transportation and repair, and engineering sections were destroyed along with all their equipment and vehicles, which included hydraulic cranes, refrigerated containers, and bulldozers, as well as command vehicles and military personnel carriers.

Subsequently, the GC security post at Islamabad's entrance, the last obstacle before the city, was quickly captured and its Guards routed.

At 10 pm, Monday, July 25, the National Liberation Army entered Islamabad. A series of operations established its control of the entire town.

The NLA' S vanguard initially took up positions in the town's main square and then captured Chiakavaneh hill. Khomeini's Guards, all on full alert, opened fire from the Guards Corps and Komiteh headquarters, located on Sugar Factory Avenue near the main square. But the NLA combatants quickly overran the enemy positions and routed Khomeini's forces.

Subsequent clashes resulted in the NLA's capture of the following centers, which were completely cleared of Khomeini's agents:


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