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Where do International Organizations and Politicians stand:  
 Stoning to Death in Iran:
A Crime Against Humanity 
Carried Out By the Mullahs' Regime 

Some items form the Penal Code of the mullahs' regime: 

  • The penalty for adultery under Article 83 of the penal code, called the Law of Hodoud is flogging (100 lashes of the whip) for unmarried male and female offenders. Married offenders may be punished by stoning regardless of their gender, but the method laid down for a man involves his burial up to his waist, and for a woman up to her neck (article 102) 
  • Article 104 of the Law of Hodoud provides that the stones should not be so large that a person dies after being hit with two of them, nor so small as to be defined as pebbles, but must cause severe injury. This makes it clear that the purpose of stoning is to inflict grievous pain on the victim, in a process leading to his or her slow death. 
The Iranian regime carries out stoning in the name of Islam. This is done in order to intimidate and terrorize the public. Since taking office, not once has Mohammad Khatami uttered a word against stoning. In fact, his government spokesman and Guidance Minister, Ata'ollah Mohajeri, said in a recent interview that he approves of stoning, but that it should be carried out in the presence of a small group of people whose loyalty to the regime is established so as to prevent the news or films of the horrific scene from being made available to the Iranian public and an international audience.It must be mentioned that, as it was declared by Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance on the occasion of Eid-al Fitr (January 29, 1998): Stoning is not an Islamic punishment and the Quran makes no mention of it. 

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