• Letter of the "Law" under the Mullahs' rule. 
Where do International Organizations and Politicians stand:  
 Stoning to Death in Iran:
A Crime Against Humanity 
Carried Out By the Mullahs' Regime 
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The video you are about to see,  is a documentary recording of four individuals being stoned in one of the security centers in Tehran in the presence of high ranking officials of the regime's judiciary. The video tape, smuggled out of the country by the Mojahedin, shows the representative of the prosecutor reading out the verdicts. He declares that the verdicts were issued by Ali Razini, the head of Judicial Organization of the Military Forces. Razini can be seen in the video tape, and throws the first stone. The prosecutor of military forces, Niazi, is also present. Razini is currently the head of Tehran's Justice Department and also heads the "Special Clerical Court."  At a point in the vedio, you can see the picture of Ayatollah Khomeini hanging behind the above mentioned authorities of the regime on the stage. 

Please be advised that the images in this video are NOT EASY TO WATCH. They are NOT suitable for children or people with heart conditions. As unfortunate as it is, this brutal and inhumane action is part of the reality in Iran under the rule of the mullahs and we are presenting it here to further expose the atrocities committed by them. 

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