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  • Letter of the "Law" under the Mullahs' rule. 
Where do International Organizations and Politicians stand:  
 Stoning to Death in Iran:
A Crime Against Humanity 
Carried Out By the Mullahs' Regime 

Where does Mohammad Khatami (the so called "moderate president") and his "Cabinet" stand on stoning? 

Ever since May 1997, when Mohammad Khatami took office, he has been telling the world that he is going to make sure that law and order prevail in Iran.... He has certainly done that on the issue of stoning people to death: 

On October 26, 1997, Associated Press, reported: 

    "Iran Stones Six to Death, 
    TEHRAN - Three men and three women have been stoned to death in public in northern Iran after a court found them guilty of adultery and prostitution, a newspaper reported Sunday. 

    The report said the stoning was carried out by local citizens in public in town near the Caspian Sea. 

    Under Iran's Islamic laws, prostitution and adultery are illegal and punishable by death" 

Not only "president" Khatami did not oppose the above stoning, but the members of his "Cabinet" continue to support this savage act: 
    Pro-Government Daily Ressalat, April 9 , 1998 

    In response to a question raised by the correspondent of Farda daily on why the Minister had failed to defend the Islamic punishment of stoning in his Paris interviews, Ata'ollah Mohajerani [government spokesman and Minister of Guidance] said: "There is no doubt that we must all defend the Islamic decrees... As for stoning, there is a Quranic verse that says a group of faithful must be witness to it. In this regard there is a debate whether stoning should take place in full public view or whether it could be carried out in the presence of a limited number of faithfuls in a restricted area." 

    The Minister of Islamic Guidance pointed out: "We should keep the interests of our country in mind in an open atmosphere of international public relations. Would it be in our interest if an act of stoning is filmed and broadcast abroad? If not, we should consider carrying out the verdict in front of a small crowd of the believers in order to forestall public backlash." 

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